Glassine Paper

In general, the answer to the question of what is Glassine paper is a bright and smooth paper that can resist water, air and oil. It has an average density of 50 to 90 g / m. They exist in a transparent form, as long as the color of the paints darkens or is not made opaque.  It is manufactured by means of super calibration. In the next stage after drying and pressing processes, paper structure, paper equipment is passed after stacking steel and fiber covered rollers in a row, which is characterized as a super calender at the ends. The paper fibers are designed to rest in the same direction. It is a thin paper whose glossy surface is clearly pronounced. Since it is thin and transparent, it is used especially for the technological products in contact with each other or for the packaging or separation of nutrients.


Glassine Paper Usage Areas

Since it is thin and useful, it is especially used for separating or serving nutrients. It is also used in the production mechanisms and exhibitions of visual arts and handicraft products.


What Does Glassine Mean?

It means transparent paper with the purest fiber. It means an object and transparency that does not prevent light from passing through it and seeing the objects behind it. It is used in projection or overhead projector to reflect the shapes and pictures on it on a white background. Papers used as spreading paper for book binding, especially for drawings are produced with neutral 1ph. It prevents damage due to friction against situations such as breakage. Adhesive tape with glassine is used in book repair. In Chemistry, glassine is also considered a cheap weighing paper. It is also used as a barrier between the product strips in the food industry. For example, since it is resistant to materials such as meat and baked products, it facilitates the separation of individual foodstuffs. It is a material frequently used by companies that cook or make food, especially products that may deteriorate quickly, such as food or food factories.

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