MG Tissue Paper

It is used in packaging of paper products. It is a packaging material preferred by brands for their products to look glamorous after packaging. 100% cellulose is used in the production of the paper. It was used in the packaging of products such as shoes and shirts when it was first used in product packaging due to its thin structure. Since the paper is easily shaped, it has also been used in party organizations. It can be used in birthday, wedding, room decorations and package decorations. Thanks to its various color options, it increases the attractiveness when used in ornaments made for organizations. Since it is prone to be used in a variety of ways, it fully serves the purpose that the user wants to use. For example, if you want to use it as filling material, you can use it wherever you want to fill it by cutting it into strips.


Uses of MG Tissue Paper


MG Tissue paper is available in 70x100 sizes So, in which areas is it used?

It is a product preferred by many sectors due to its structure. Boutiques, textile stores, shoe stores and manufacturers use restaurants, cafes and bakeries, jewelers and glass manufacturers. The sensitivity of the paper structure provides a significant surplus value in terms of product protection. The fact that it can be obtained in printed form provides important advantages for brand promotion and value.

In the production of the paper to be used in the food sector, attention is paid to the production of the foods in a way that does not spoil the structure. The sensitive structure of the paper provides the necessary security for the safe packaging of the products which are at risk of scratching.


Advantages of Using Pelur Paper


It provides many advantages for the paper user. It is easily used in packaging of the products. The paper wraps the packaged products very well thanks to its thin structure. It does not damage the products that are at risk of scratching and acts as a protection against external factors. It can be produced with or without printing according to the user's need. You can make positive contributions to your advertising activities by printing your brand logo on the paper. It can be used in food packaging as it has no negative effects on foods. The structure of the paper is preferred in achieving the most effective results in template removal. It has many advantages due to the ability of the user to shape the paper according to the functionality and purpose of use. If you want to advertise your company while safely packing your products, you can choose with peace of mind.