Sublimation Transfer Paper

It is a technique made by using heat resistant dyes with sublimation printing technique. Thanks to these paints and under the influence of heat, paints turn into gas. It interacts 100% with polyester. Since the dye textile products are continuation after the process, many situations such as discoloration and cracks are not encountered even after washing.

Sublimation is applied to which products?

Transfer Printing; sublimation techniques can be used in many kinds of products such as shirts, sportswear, flags, t-shirts and interior decorations.

Digital printing, which replaces classic prints, is a printing technique that is widely used today. In the past few years, digital printing has been used in both the textile industry and the advertising industry. The first thing that comes to mind as digital printing is sublimation printing. It replaces the screen printing technique, which is the printing technique used in the past. Sublimation printing is transferred to the subfloor by exposing an image or photograph to hot temperatures via transfer papers. In sublimation printing, various printing devices are used such as desktop A4 size printer, A3 sublimation printer and 3D sublimation printer or large size textile sublimation printing and plotter printer. When using this printing technique, printers must have a sublimation ink feature. In addition, the papers to be printed must have digital sublimation paper. In order to absorb these inks in the area to be printed, paper, plastic, fabric, metal glass and similar materials with this feature are required.

The Importance of Digital Sublimation Papers in Textile

Digital sublimation papers are available in different weights from 25 gsm to 65 gsm, and we have sublimation papers that can be used on machines of different sizes. Digital sublimation papers do not have a coating on those with low weight. Although they are used in jobs that are processed with relatively simple colors, they are used in demanded jobs with high density digital sublimation coating papers and high density colors such as spreads. For detailed information about product profiles, you can click on our company's website. At the same time, you can consult our company with questions in your mind instantly.

Digital sublimation papers are made with our expert colleagues with their patented formulas that provide bright and bright colors. We are taking firm steps towards becoming a world brand today, which is ranked 1st in the world.

- With a weight of approximately 65 gsm, it provides the opportunity to work up to 50% in heat presses.

- Digital sublimation papers are more economical than their counterparts.