Sulphite paper is a kind of packaging that we all know, see, touch or use. Although it is not familiar with its name, it is a useful and healthy type of packaging used in many sectors in terms of sulphite paper properties. The weight of sulfite paper, whose weight per square meter varies between 40 gr and 120 gr, is of course determined by the usage area. Sulphite paper, which we frequently encounter or even use in our daily life, is a very useful type of packaging.


 Where Is Sulphite Paper Used?


Sulphite paper is especially preferred in the food industry. 

Oily paper, which we use frequently in the kitchen, ensures that the food does not stick to the tray in the oven dishes, is also a kind of sulphite paper. When we buy pastry from pastry shops, they put these products in a package similar to paper bag. This paper is sulphite paper. 

It is a sulphite paper, also known as a burrito paper. especially when used in the service of oily pastry products, it also prevents the contamination of these foods by getting them in your hands. The fact that the raw materials in the content of the paper are suitable for food contact makes the use of sulphite paper healthy. 

Sulphite paper is used not only as a food packaging, but also for packaging materials such as forks, spoons, knives used in restaurants and cafes. These packages are ideal for serving customers in more sterile conditions by placing them on cleaned instruments. When you buy bread or pita bread from the oven, bread is usually wrapped in these papers and presented to the customer. You can also request that your company logo and other information you want be added on these packages.


 In addition to the food industry; After washing the interior of the vehicles, the car wash firms are not only deformed with wetting on the floor mats, but also delay the contamination of the vehicle and advertise their companies by laying sulphide paper that stands out with its durability.


Sulphite is a type of packaging that facilitates our work in many areas of our lives in terms of paper properties, does not contain harmful substances, is suitable for food contact, contributes to the advertising activities of companies, offers more hygienic service and most importantly, does not harm the nature.

If you convey your usage area and expectations to the manufacturer to order sulphite paper, the experts will provide solutions for your needs.