Crepe paper is a type of paper that has been used safely for many years in more than one sector with its
flexible and durable structure.
White crepe paper is produced from pulp cellulose and white kraft pulp.
Crepe papers with brown and white color options can be produced in desired sizes and dimensions.
White crepe paper campaign prices and attractive payment terms, the most preferred among color
options in Çağdaş Kağıt.

Where are crepe papers used?
Crepe papers, which have multiple usage areas, are used in aluminum, chemistry, sack sewing,
decoration, souvenirs, floristry, furniture, white goods, etc. It is frequently used in industries.

What can be done with white crepe paper?
White crepe paper, which is frequently used in the floristry sector, has been used extensively for
decoration of flowers for many years.
It is preferred in many sectors where packaging is used.
It is possible to make unique souvenirs with different designs with white crepe papers.
Thanks to the ability to print on it, you can put your company logo on product packages with low
budgets, thus increasing your brand awareness.
Crepe papers, which are preferred for their easy access and advantageous prices compared to other
paper types, are also known for their flexible and durable structures.
It covers the surface completely with its flexible structure and protects the surface it wraps against
impacts and scratches from external factors with its durable structure.

White crepe paper features
Crepe papers have PH values ​​of 7 and do not contain sulfate and chloride.
It is nature friendly and does not contain any harmful substances.
It has a durable and flexible structure.
It can provide tailor-made solutions in multiple sectors.
It can be printed on.
Çağdaş Kağıt, which has been serving in the paper and textile industry for many years, has adopted
customer satisfaction and product quality as the first principle.
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