Sublimation printing continues to offer new business opportunities for both equipment manufacturers and textile printing manufacturers. According to a report by global research company Smiters Pira, the use of sublimation printing in the garment, home textiles and advertising sectors is becoming more common. According to the report, the total material produced by sublimation printing will grow by 18.4% over the next five years. The same report also predicts that textiles produced by sublimation printing will reach an average of 900,000m2 and create a market of approximately $ 3.4 billion in 2021. In this case, while the market is foreseen to grow and grow with each passing day, sublimation printing by transferring the pressure on the transfer paper to the fabric with heat presses has many advantages to the textile manufacturers. Given the limited printing ability and cost of other traditional printing methods, sublimation printing offers many advantages to both small-scale textile businesses and large-scale national or international retailers.

New business opportunities and higher profitability thanks to personalization


Regardless of the sector, the demand for personalized or unusual products is increasing day by day. Sublimation printing is one of the best technologies to respond to these needs. With sublimation printing, you can easily produce small pieces for sports teams, associations and institutions, schools or small businesses, and implement custom designs for many brands or personalities at no additional cost. Thanks to sublimation printing, you can activate your imagination as you wish, and you can print any design with the highest quality. In this way, you get more versatility in your production, diversify the application options you offer to your customers and get more profitability. Sublimation printing allows your business to move to new markets with higher profitability rates.

Unlimited color options


As with traditional printing methods, you are not limited to a limited number of colors. With sublimation printing, you can easily produce thousands of colors to produce the designs your customer demands with the highest quality. There is no cost to adding new colors to your design. Moreover, as with other digital printing methods, the paint does not remain on the surface of the material and penetrates into the fabric, resulting in a more natural and photorealistic print quality and you can easily respond to all customer demands.

Fast production


Sublimation printing is very easy to use and offers fast production. You can respond to your orders in a much shorter time than traditional printing methods. It does not require extra washing or drying, and you can use the paper as soon as it comes out of the print. In addition, long pre-treatment processes are not required for the preparation of the material to be printed. Moreover, the machines offer higher speed printing with each passing day, and therefore, both in high volume production and in small number of personalized productions, the deadlines are shortened.

Permanent prints


Due to the nature of sublimation printing, since the fabric absorbs the dye, no dye texture is felt on the surface, the fabric is allowed to breathe and does not disturb the body during use. Thus, it is ideal for apparel or home textile products where pressure is in contact with the body. In addition, thanks to the sublimation printing method, the prints on the fabric do not crack, peel or fade. You can wash as you like without the problem of distortion of colors. You get extremely long-lasting results that cannot be achieved by any other printing method.

Minimum waste rate with environmentally friendly printing


Sublimation printing, which does not require any washing process, minimizes waste. Because the printing process takes place with the conversion of solid particles directly into gas, there is no need for unnecessary water use. This minimizes unnecessary water use while at the same time offering lower production costs. Moreover, the dyes used are water-based, harmless to human health and do not pose a threat to working conditions.

Technical advantages


Sublimation printing machines are more compact than most printing machines. This means less downtime and less maintenance. So you can continue production without interrupting your work. In addition to this, the automation of sublimation printing machines is increasing day by day with various automations in the field of ink and paper loading, head cleaning, material feeding and color management / software and maximizes the working efficiency.

As the printing industry evolves, the customer's demand for customized and faster production, as well as fast delivery, is increasing. If you are a textile manufacturer considering investing in sublimation printing, consider not only the technical advantages that sublimation printing technology offers, but also the value it will add to your business.