What is MG White Tissue Paper?

The pulp paper is a translucent, thin and light type of paper made %100 cellulose. The pulp paper produced in various thicknesses and weights has a wide range of uses and has been meeting the different needs of a wide range of industries for many years. Since the pulp paper with a smooth and delicate texture is an extremely healthy product, it can be used safely in many areas.

Pelur Paper Types

Different kinds of weights are produced in varying weights and sizes, such as printed pulp paper, unprinted pulp paper, transparent plain and colored pulp paper.

The Main Uses of White Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is especially preferred in the food industry, as it is a quality paper suitable for contact with food. It is the ideal type of service and packaging paper for presentations and food packaging in bakeries, fast food chains, restaurants and catering companies.

The companies serving in the textile sector and the shoe sector prefer the use of paper pulp in packaging and packaging in order to present their products to the market in a protected manner.

Bag and accessory manufacturers use raw paper, which is a light and thin type of paper, to protect their products perfectly and as a quality indicator.

In products with a fragile structure such as glass and porcelain, the pulp paper used for protection against breakage and scratching is used to safely preserve the products that come out of production until they reach the end user.

It is used as stationery, handicraft, ornament, artistic work and hobby material.

The pulp paper, which is wide enough to be used in counting, is frequently used in the field of education, healthcare, printing houses, jewelry sector, floristry, agriculture and many other fields.

In addition, the most common use area of ​​the use of pulp paper; is the application of company logos, advertisements and promotions on the pulp paper with the printing system. It is regarded as a highly effective promotional advertisement tool in the advertising activities of companies' quality products.

Our Service Quality

Our company, which produces wholesale paper, also provides high quality services in the production of pulp paper with its many years of experience. We manufacture with the aim of keeping satisfaction with our valued customers whom we work and work with. You can contact us to have information about our products.